This article will tell you a lot more about who we are and what we believe
We are simply called Christians after we obey Christ in how to become a Christian and be saved, and it is very simple to do, But it is a very important step in ones life, because we have to change the habits and the way we have been used to living. In other words we must dedicate ourselves wholy to Christ and His teachings.  Below is the plan that Christ Himself ordained in order for us to be saved:
*  We must believe in Christ . . . Mark 16:16;  Acts 16:31
*  We must repent of our sins . . . Acts 17:31  2:38
*  We must be baptized . . . Mark 16:16;  Acts2: 38;  22:16  1Peter 3:21
A simple plan, yet that isn't all there is to it. Now we must live every day trying to be Christ like and follow his instructions as to how to live as a Christian. (24/7)
Are we going to sin? most assuredly, but Christ has said ALL have sinned and fallen short of the Glory, but now we as Christians have an avenue of prayer with Christ in order to be forgiven of those sins.
We also have promises from Christ after we become a Christian:
*  Remission of sin . . . Acts 2:38;  3:19
*  Communion of the Holy Spirit . . . llCorinthians 13:14
*  Eternal life . . . Revelation 2:10;  22:14

churche's life . . . Devotion to the word of Christ  
*  As the eternal word . . . Matthew 24:35;  1 Peter 1:25
*  As the inspired word . . . ll Timothy 3:16;  1 Corinthians 2:13
*  As the Life giving word . . . Mathew 4:4
*  As the infalible word . . .   Psalms 119:160
*  As the Saving word . . . James 1: 21
*  As the complete word . . . ll Timothy 3:16 - 17
*  As the sufficient word . . . ll Timothy3:16 - 17
*  As the powerful word . . . Hebrews 4:12;  Romans 1;16
*  As the comforting word . . . l Thesalonians . . . 4:14 - 18
To the example of Christ . . . l Peter 2:21
*  Toward His family . . . Luke 2:51;  John 19:26 - 27
*  Toward His Havenly father . . . John 5:30;  6:38;  8:29;  Luke 22:42
*  Toward civil government . . . Matthew 22:15 - 22
*  Toward His enemies . . . Matthew Matthew 5:43 - 48
*  Toward lost men . . . Matthew 18:11;  Kike 15
*  Toward the church itself . . . Ephesians 5:25
     Also the true church stresses Baptism as a burial . . . Romans 6:4;  Colossians 2:12.
     In water, not sprinkle Acts 8:36-39;  10:47 - 48
     To wash away sins . . . Acts 22:16
     For the remission of sins . . . Acts 2:38
     To be saved . . . l Peter 2:21
     Into Christ . . .  Galations 3:27 
     Into the ONE BODY, The church    l Corinthians 12:13
This is a very simple act, yet so many just want to ignore this part of the Lords word, as if it didn't matter. People everything the Lord commanded of us matters, if we do not follow and obey His commands we can most assuredly know for a fact that we will not be saved. So why take a chance on believing some other creeds set up by man instead of the creed the Lord set up? Men will not save us, Christ will, if we obey Him.
I want to explain why I am showing the passages instead of writing them out for you. first . . . I want you to look up these scriptures to see for yourself what Christ teaches about the church and how it is run.
secondly . . . They will prove  out the one true  church according to scriptures and not what some men made up, and call a church.

                                      We worship in Truth and in Spirit
*  Communion . . . l Corinthians 10:16;  11:20-30;  Acts 20:7
*  Singing . . . Ephesians 5:18;  19: Colosians 3:16
*  Praying . . . Acts 2:42;  l Thessalonians5:17 - 25
*  Giving . . . l Corinthians 16:1 - 2;  ll Corinthians 9:7
*  Teaching . . . Acts 2:42;  l Timothy 3:15
                                                Are we true worshippers?                        
The Lord said "True worshippers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in truth" (John 4:23). These are the two necessary components of true worship.
The denominational churches have come through the Not hole, the Bible does not say Not to do it.
It is a peculiar method of logic that finds authority for things because the source of authority does not specifically condemn them. 
                                                    Worshipping in Spirit
We can give the chapters and verses for our activities in worship. We strive not to go beyond that which is written.
We must also strive to practice what is written in regard to the proper spirit in worship if we are to please God
                                                          True Worship                         
Worship is a private thing between the person and God. When a public prayer is led, and we bow our heads and close our eyes, no one but God and ourselves knows whether we are praying, or if our thoughts are some place else.
The same thing holds true about the taking of the unleavened bread and the cup, only we and God knows if we are truely meditating upon His sacrifice and what it truely means.
Are we paying close attention to the sermon or are we thinking, Boy I wish this would end so we can get out of here? This can be made a dead sermon or an uplifting sermon, the choice really is up to the worshippers.
Our singing is meant to praise God and is done by just singing and making melody in the heart. We are not instructed to use musical instruments in the church service, so we leave it out  ( do not add or take away from the word of God).
Jesus taught, "Where your treasure is, there is your heart also.
Some seek to be excused from singing by saying "I can't sing. What does one mean by saying such a statement? Does he mean he can't sing like Frank Sinatra or bing Crosby or George Beverly Shea? Ability to sing is a relative thing. God doen't tell us to sing like someone else. He does command us to sing.
we are also commanded that on the first day of the week we are to give of our means as we have prospered, this goes toward the work of the church and the spreading of the Word of God. We are not told exactly how much to give, but God knows our hearts and minds when we give. We are to give with a cheerful heart.

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